A revolutionary app that transforms the bar experience by allowing you to close your tabs from your smartphone.

Frustrated when you have to wait in long lines to get your credit card back at a bar? Tired of sitting or waiting for you waiter to bring you a bill? Upset that you forgot your credit card at the bar?

Line Jump is an innovative start up company that partnered with PERPETUATING’s agile consulting, design and development teams to deliver a mobile application that will help you check in and pay your tab at restaurants and bars of your choosing, directly from your mobile device. Line Jump was founded by Chicago business students who themselves were tired and frustrated of paying tabs at a bar.

The start up has solved a number of pain points not only from the consumer perspective, but also from the bar’s and employees’ perspectives. From the bar’s perspective, Line Jump allows them to sell more drinks since personnel are spending less time opening and closing tabs and more time making drinks and attending to clients. From the employee’s perspective, Line Jump mitigates the potential of losing a tip because someone forgot their credit card.

PERPETUATING developers used a combination of Apple programming, Json as well as the iWeb HTML to create the native iPhone app to facilitate the best user experience possible. For things that needed to be stored securely such as users’ personal data, https connections were used in order to secure the data. The most complex part of this app was integrating with the micro POS system – PERPETUATING worked with the team to integrate Line Jump which involved numerous complexities and unforeseen hurdles – no matter, Line Jump is now integrated and users are starting to open and close their tabs using their mobile device!

A great collaboration with the co-founders of Line Jump led our teams to deliver a great application. We encountered an infinite amount of variables to consider, worked through the complex logic in the app and stayed nimble throughout the process. Our teams weren’t afraid to change paths based on new findings – one of the wonderful things about agile development. PERPETUATING’S value proposition is to not only offer a great technological perspective, but also a strong strategic and launch perspective as we did with Line Jump.

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