Need a huge discount off retail with important and popular companies? Enjoy finding those special buys and having a connection and regular supply of options to choose from when it comes to shopping? The digital revolution is here and Pennysaver wanted to get in on the action.

Pennysaver is a company that sends out coupons in the mail and is a very local opportunity. They focus on a specific local area and wanted to create a bigger grap and expand into the market. So when Pennysaver wanted to expand their reach to consumers beyond a local coupon mailer and they needed help to figure out how to convey their message digitally and set up and finally launch their initial campaign.

So when Pennysaver called PERPETUATING for consulting, we knew what they needed most and recommended the initial DESIGN THINKING right out of the box. We knew they wanted to create a website that would have these deals on a more local level. Before that, they just sent out coupons. We walked them through the information hierarchy process and what they needed to do to accomplish it, sat down with them and came up with a start up plan to get the campaign moving forward. To determine their needs we came up with 200 lines, requirement document. They wanted a lot of different things, so we really worked to understand each of their needs. Primarily, they wanted to just be the local deal website. They had salesman on the ground and wanted to have a competitive edge in the market place. We collaborated and came up with several initial designs and developed their homepage and a couple of their other sub-screens.

Now, the project is complete, the website is up and they are very happy with our methodology and overall completion of the project. Pennysaver is on their way and we came together and targeted in on exactly what they needed and fast to get them up and operational. Today, they now offer their deal online making everyday local affordable deals available to a mass digital market and couldn’t be happier. It’s a first step here and we’ll be looking forward to moving into Mobile soon,

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